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The Gulf coast is starting to turn on!

Howdy Texas Anglers!

We had a mild winter as of to date and fishing has been sporadic, you have one good day and then a couple a days of average days we’re you are fishing hard, but not getting the results you desire. It’s been hard to pattern fish, but hopefully with the spring approaching rapidly that will all change.

There’s the old saying you have to go to know! We have been throwing down south chikin on a chain and gambler Laguna glass and key lime flapping shad soft baits and getting good results when the bite is on, following the Solunar charts is a must, your best bite will be when a major or minor is occurring.

As far as water conditions go, it’s the same ole thing, fish the edge, and sand pockets, and we’re the water change occurs, fish are ambush predators, they like to kill there prey, they don’t chew there meals they inhale it!

So go a get in the water and enjoy our beautiful Gulf Coast that God has provided for all to Enjoy! Till next time,

Capt.Mitchell Deane


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