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December 2022 Fishing Report

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted to my website, been busy catching fish and taking care of customers. The last few years have been vary productive on the Upper Laguna Madre, from nice trout and reds in the bay system to fishing the surf when it lays down.

The upper Laguna has a unique ecosystem we’re the salinity stays higher due to no fresh water influx like most other bay systems, there for our sport fish are exceptional healthy, even after the freeze on February 2021, we bounced back after a couple of months of low expectations. We are still in a rebound, but when the timings right, it can be awesome. Timing is everything, wind, moon phase, weather etc. when the stars align up…hold on.

As winter approaches, things slow down, it’s more of a quality bite than quantity bite, our presentation slows way down due to the fish are more lethargic in the winter, there metabolism slows way down so you have to adjust the presentation to the fish. When the weather permits, winter can be awesome fishing, less pressure on the fish and less people fishing.

I have been wade fishing primarily for trout and red fish in 2 to 3 foot water, throwing paddle tails and slow sinking baits, like Corky’s. The lures I’ve been using are down south, gamblers and gulps. If you would like to book a trip, call me or text me at 361-549-7381

This is a special time of the year to be on the water, tight lines.


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